Engagement Scholarship Consortium 2014

In the fall of 2014, the Grand Rapids RCE took it’s talents to Edmonton, Alberta. RCE members Dawn Gaymer, Nancy Hock, and Elena McKendrick arrived at the 15th annual Engagement Scholarship Consortium: Engaging for Change: Changing for Engagement on October 6th to present and share the many successes of the Virtual Youth Conference.

At this conference academics, community organizers, grassroots organizations, and concerned individuals gathered. Participants met at the Shaw Conference Center to discuss and share questions, problems, issues, information, and theories regarding a variety of community concerns. Groups, individuals, and partners held short and informative meetings and workshops educating participants on what they do to stay engaged with their local communities. During these meetings, activists from all around the world were able to connect and collaborate with each other to better their understanding of global communities.

The Grand Rapids RCE not only met and worked with worldwide sustainability related organizations, but we also held a poster session. During this symposium, the Grand Rapids RCE was able to intimately discuss the significant local and global impacts of our Virtual Youth Conference.

The poster presented during the symposium is shown below.